Our Woo commerce SEO Agency Can Take Your Enquiries to the Next Level

SEO AI is a dedicated Woo commerce SEO Agency, driven by providing our clients the resources they need to take their ecommerce business to the next level. Our in house specialists provide our new and existing clients with the work required to drive potential customers to their Woo commerce website and ultimately increase revenue. We achieve this by providing exceptional SEO work to ensure that all of the foundations are in place for your business to propel to the next level.

We are a widely recognised Woo commerce SEO Agency and work with a variety of clients from a number of niche industries. The work we carry out for businesses is vital for their site to achieve sustained success and we have the necessary resources in house to help achieve these targets we set.


The ultimate goal for any ecommerce business we work with is to drive traffic and revenue. Through carrying out the correct on page and technical SEO practices, we are confident in our ability here at SEO AI and know what it takes to get your business where it needs to. We have a wealth of combined experience and have all of the applicable skills needed to give your business and products the exposure they deserve.

What is Woocommerce SEO?

Woocommerce is becoming an increasingly popular choice when it comes to growing ecommerce platforms. Woocommerce when combined with WordPress provides business owners with an easy to customise platform that enables payment and order features to be made and tweaked with extremely simply. With it being combined with wordpress, there are also a number of useful plugins that you can download that help with the overall management of your online business and our Woocommerce SEO Services can help identify these for you.


It is extremely important to be aware of Woocommerce SEO and the importance it holds for your ecommerce website. As well as identifying any useful plugins to help make running your ecommerce business easier, we carry out the necessary technical SEO procedures to ensure that your business can flourish and grow organically as our team would ideally like it to.


The customisable flexibility makes it a lot simpler to prepare for Google crawls and navigation issues. Our team of experts have the necessary capabilities to ensure your ecommerce business can grow and with the help of plugins like Yoast, it means that we can identify any potential issues much earlier.

How Our Woocommerce SEO Agency Can Propel Your Business

Our Woocommerce SEO Specialists have the knowledge and years of expertise to ensure that your business can get to where it needs to. We work alongside some of the biggest companies in the world and have provided effective SEO solutions for a variety of huge ecommerce platforms. Whether you are offering just a few products or thousands, it is vital that you attract the right customers and the right audience when offering any service.


Through optimising your Woocommerce online store, the right SEO procedures will ensure that your business gets the visibility and enquiries it needs. It can be difficult to rank a business in a particular niche based on the competition but through our experience and diligent SEO work, we have the expertise to ensure your woocommerce site gives Google all of the right signals to ensure that you are the #1 in your industry.


By creating keyword rich content, creating a woo commerce platform that is easy to navigate for customers and various other SEO procedures, we can help drive the right audience and get you ranking for the right keywords you should be targeting. We have access to a number of SEO tools that make our lives easier and through carrying out the right research using the tools at our disposal; we can create a strategic plan that ensures we are on the same page with our clients. SEO is a very much long term project and as a client, you should be aware that the work doesn’t happen overnight. However, our aim is to get you the enquiries and traffic as soon as possible and this plan will help outline the tasks required to achieve this.

Expert Woocommerce SEO Services

Our specialists know what it takes to build your woocommerce brand and create a sustainable model that will hold its own at the top of the rankings on Google. We ensure that every procedure is carried out to the best of our ability and create a platform that will consistently generate enquiries and sales.

Our experienced team here at SEO AI have all of the tools and reporting systems in place to ensure that every client that works with us is never left out of the light and is provided with all of the relevant information required to help monitor their progress with us. The reporting systems we have in place ensure that all keywords are thoroughly tracked; consumer behaviour is monitored and how your best performing products are getting on all come part of our package. This ensures that we can be reactive to any changes that need to be made and allows for us to see any building trends that can be capitalised on.

Our woocommerce agency is very much built on being reactive depending on competition changes and trend developments. We believe that this attention to detail cuts us above the rest and with the track record that we have of really taking ecommerce sites to the next level, the results really speak for themselves. The ultimate goal is to always help drive traffic and sales and with the changes that we make to our clients sites, we believe that the expertise we have in house helps us to reach these goals.

Woocommerce SEO Competitor Analysis

Our SEO specialists are dedicated to ensuring your woocommerce site outperforms the rest of your competition and sustains its position at the top of the SERPS. Here at SEO AI, we ensure that your competitor’s strategic plans are monitored closely. If you want to succeed in your niche, it is crucial that you are aware of what the competition are doing in regards to their SEO work. We are here to ensure that these strategies are emulated and surpassed with the work carried out to your  money pages. Before we take on a client, we ensure that the right steps are in place to see how difficult it is going to be to rank.


The reporting systems we have in place can give us a pretty accurate representation of what to expect and what is required in terms of links, on-page, content etc. going forward. This enables us to really assess the playing field and allows for our Woocommerce SEO Team to really plan ahead. We have a wealth of experience and have been carrying out these competitor analysis strategies for a number of years and we have never failed to deliver on any promises made. The reports give us a numerical estimate as to what needs addressing in terms of # of keywords required to compete, how many links it will take to get you to the top and a number of other variables to really set us on our way.


In regards to the content on page, our content team also like to take a look at the successful ecommerce pages and what sort of language they are using to get them to where they need to and we find that this is always a useful way to get an idea of what is required to help convert traffic into sales. Site structure is another key element in which we look at the competition and our Woocommerce SEO Agency is dedicated to consistently developing our clients’ site to ensure it is consistently changing with the way consumers interact with the site. Strategically placing call to actions, adding enticing copy and creating an easy to navigate site is something in which our agency specialise in.

Optimise Your Woocommerce Site With SEO AI

It is vital that your woo commerce website is optimised correctly and no matter whether you are selling just a few products or thousands, you need to be aware of these technical aspects that can play quite a factor in determining ranking and conversion rates. Our Woocommerce SEO Specialists have been working within Woocommerce SEO for a number of years and we are dedicated to ensuring your website is not only set up in the right way but will survive for a sustained period of time when it is ranking. Speed issues and loading times are just some of the issues that can have a potentially detrimental effect on ranking and conversion and it is essential that you are working with an agency that has sufficient experience in providing these services. Setting up your Woocommerce site is the first step to ensuring your online business is going to be a success.

Optimising Page Titles on your Woocommerce Website

As well as ensuring your titles are keyword rich to make it easier for Google to understand, you need to be aware of the importance of creating titles that are going to help bring in potential sales and revenue. Here at SEO AI, we have experience of working with a number of large woo commerce sites and know what it takes to create enticing language that is not only product relevant but is going to draw in sales. When it comes to woo commerce, you tend to have category and product pages, with both helping the customer and Google understand what the product is you are intending to sell. With the category pages, you are looking to rank for the broader phrase of the product you are selling with the individual products intended to help rank for the more specific terms. We look at how the competition organise their websites and promote their products through their titles and try to emulate and outperform them in this department too. With the changes that our SEO experts make to your pages titles, we can test and tinker with the titles to see which convert better and whether they make a difference on ranking. Again, the reports that we are able to generate ensure that every client that works with us can see the significance of each change and what is required to help improve.

Understanding the importance of site navigation

Making sure that potential customers do not get lost or confused on your website is crucial to your ecommerce business succeeding in the online marketplace. Messy navigation and long urls can really kill any ranking or conversion potential and keeping the both simple is essential to your success online. Clean navigation ensures that customers looking to use a service like yours will remain on the site and not look anywhere else for the same service. This helps to improve conversions and again, is something that can be tweaked and tested once your site is getting significant traffic to see how the changes can potentially impact the sales process for your business. Your main links should be the most visible on your money page and it is important to understand how crucial this is to your success.

Enticing content and sales prompts

Creating beautifully written content will help draw in potential customers to your product. As well as ensuring it is rich of the right keywords, if you are able to create content and position sales prompts in the right way, this works as a really effective tool to help draw in customers to use your service. Here at SEO AI, we understand the importance of this and have both quality web designers and content writers in house who understand what is needed to help draw in customers. Once we get you to where you need to be in terms of ranking, this becomes a crucial part of helping conversions and once your woo commerce site is visible, along with a clean, easy to navigate ecommerce site; the content and sales pulls are really what are going to help separate you from the rest of the competition.

A Woocommerce SEO Agency You Can Trust

Our results speak for themselves and we have a track record of really transforming businesses online. All of the things mentioned are carried out by our dedicated Woocommerce SEO Team and we really know what it takes to get you where you need to be in Google. Our goal with every client is to drive traffic and increase revenue and SEO AI is dedicated to ensuring all of the SEO tasks are carried out in the right way to ensure your Woocommerce business flourishes. Get in touch with us today and see how we can help transform your business.

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