Ecommerce SEO Services

Here at SEO AI, we have a dedicated team of individuals that specialise in Ecommerce SEO Services. We all have the same goals and drive towards the same targets when it comes to delivering to our clients needs.

We are driven by goals and driven by transforming client websites to help conversions and there is nothing that pushes us on more than seeing our client ecommerce websites improved by our work. Here at SEO AI, we are a very much result orientated organisation and all of the work we carry out from both a technical SEO and web design aspect, is all driven to help achieve this goal.

Again, we are very experienced within the Ecommerce SEO industry and our specialists know what it takes to get every client we work with to where they need to be. As much as you need to be reactive within this industry, we have very structured procedures when it comes to providing our clients with audits and transforming their websites.

Ecommerce Market Research & Keyword Research

Our work starts from the market research process and we carry out the relevant competitor analyses required to really get an idea of how we need to be performing in your relevant market. 


We leave no stone unturned when it comes to breaking down your website and your competition and our ecommerce seo specialists have access to a variety of tools that can provide us with the most accurate data available. Once we have gained enough knowledge on the competition and what it will take to perform well in your industry, our team move on to the ecommerce website optimisation phase.

Technical SEO Optimisation

At SEO AI, technical SEO is very much our speciality and we carry out all of the necessary steps to ensure your ecommerce site is as friendly for Google’s crawler as possible. As much your site needs to be aesthetically pleasing and needs to be working as an effective sales tool, if your website is not optimised in the right way without the right seo practices in place, it will ultimately affect how the entire site performs.


By combining Technical and On-Page SEO strategies, we make sure that all of the right signals are being sent not only to the consumer but to Google as well. Updating your page titles, producing quality content and ensuring that all of the sales pulls are working in the right way, this will help draw in the right consumers through pushing you up organic ranking positions.


Ultimately, your site needs to be visible and without carrying out the right ecommerce seo strategies,  your competition are going to be the ones taking the majority of your audience. As much as our specialists will try to make your ecommerce strategy unique, it is extremely useful in this circumstance to see how your competition is doing things. Especially for organic seo, if you try to emulate the top ranking website, this can only be beneficial to your cause.

Ecommerce Website Content Optimisation

You can be sure that our SEO Coventry Team has access to the best tools that money can buy. Our audit tools ensure that all of our clients get a full understanding of their campaign details and what is required to take their website to the next level. Again, we ensure that none of our clients in Coventry are left in the dark and our reporting systems enable our clients to see what areas regarding SEO need improving. Whether it means changes to link strategy or any on page developments based on the competition, we are here to make the changes required to ensure you get to where you need to.

Understanding the Competitive Environment
in Coventry

Our quality content creation ensures that the right language is being used to help draw in the consumer as well as using articulate language and creating keyword rich content that will work in your favour when it comes to organic ranking. As important as it is to try and draw consumers in with the right use of language, we ensure that every ecommerce site has the right informative information to give the consumer the information they need. You can use as many sales pulls as you like but ultimately, if the facts are wrong, then the consumer will ultimately turn you down for the next one. We have vast experience within this industry and know what it takes to structure an ecommerce website in the right way.

Ecommerce Web Design

As much as it is important to have the right content and the right technical seo aspects in place, your website design is pivotal. It is all well and good having great copy and technical seo working in the background but it is crucial that the site is designed in a logical and beautiful way. Through elegantly designed elements and monitoring consumer interaction through heat maps, we can help develop a ‘conversion monster’. A consumer will judge how nice the website looks aesthetically and how easy it is to navigate through pretty much straight away and hence why it is so important to nail.


We work hand in hand with our clients and make sure that every design tweak is consulted with our clients first. Our ecommerce specialists here at SEO AI enjoy nothing more than a healthy working relationship with our clients and seeing their revenue shoot up as a result of our work together. This is what all of the work comes down to and at the end of the day, is how we like to be judged. Our results are proven and we have a track record of delivering on our promises.

Monthly Reporting & Conversion Tracking

Here at SEO AI, we ensure that every month our clients get to see the reports we generate based on their website performance. We like to do this not only to remain completely transparent with our clients but to show the growth and how the changes that we make directly affect sales and growth. Our technical ecommerce seo agency has access to a number of reporting and analytic resources and we like to promote this as much as we can to the client.


Clear reporting leads to setting clear goals for the following month and we are always looking to improve on our previous results. Whether that means content tweaks, any technical changes or pushing out even higher quality links to get the exposure you need, our monthly tracking system allows us to remain completely clear with the client. This enables our clients to clearly see the direction our work is taking their website and if we see any dips in performance and revenue, we are the first ones to react and make any necessary changes. The beauty of our reporting systems allow both parties to see the changes being made and allows us to continually develop the site, whilst we look to improve conversions in any way possible.

Ecommerce SEO Agency That You Can Trust

There are so many ecommerce agencies out there that promise you the world and more times than not, will fail to deliver on their promises. SEO AI is a passionate results driven agency that takes pride in the work carried out by our team and seeing the hard work reflected in our clients revenue. Our transparency regarding regular meetings and reporting systems ensure that we continue to move in the right direction.


It is very much a two Way Street when it comes to working with our clients and we love to see the enthusiasm of our team reflected in our clients’ efforts. As we try to push our team to ensure that all the correct SEO work is being carried out, there is nothing we love more than seeing our clients pushing towards that same goal with us.


Our agency as a whole is built on exceptional conversion results and proven ROI. Get in touch with one of our specialists today and see how we can help you take your ecommerce site to the next level. SEO AI a thriving agency that is growing year on year and we want to take our clients with us

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